Welcome to Hamburg – when are you coming?

Here we go again. After we missed you for far too long, the launches sailed through the harbor without you and we drank the Alsterwasser alone at home, we can ask again: „When? When are you coming to Hamburg? When will we meet and what are your plans here?“ Because, we are happy to help you with the planning and your trip.

What we offer: Two nights in a hotel (double room) including breakfast and a lot of nice vouchers for local activities.

If you are: a blogger, YouTuber or online journalist specialized intensely and creatively in travel topics a word acrobat with amazing photographs supplementing your articles, write us: cometo @ marketing . hamburg.de

You want

  • to visit Hamburg this year
  • to be part of our project
  • to let the world know what a beautiful and worthwhile city Hamburg is to visit
  • to activate your channels to spread your articles, video clips or photographs

How to apply

  • Tell us in a few words why you should be part of the project
  • We need your full name and contact details and of course – name and link to your blog, YouTube channel, Instragram account, Facebook or the like
  • We also need a mediakit –
  • Tell us your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram Accounts – so we could like it and follow you

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