Hamburg my Love – Frances visited the Hanseatic city for three days

Frances from the blog Zukkermädchen has been to Hamburg a few times, but somehow she never had time out of appointments. To enjoy the city she never had enough time. Because we like her so much and were quite excited to hear about her experiences, we invited her to the Hanseatic city as part of the Come to Hamburg project. Lucky Frances – when she was in Hamburg (at the end of August), the weather was also beautiful. She enjoyed the days with a friend to the fullest and felt like a second home in the hotel: Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten.

Hamburg offers a variety of hotel types and categories – whether coarse and rustic or noble and simple. Frances is more kind of type: rather beautiful and dignified and so she stayed at the Fairmont Hotel. The hotel is incredibly beautifully located directly on the Alster. On top of that comes the interior: classy, modern, timeless and luxurious. What made the most difference for Frances personally, however, were the employees.

Every staff member is so extensively trained and prepared for every situation and every guest that you feel like you’re on an incredibly relaxing family vacation. The staff makes you feel like you are just arriving at a new home- with all the amenities of a 5-star hotel. Upon entering the beautiful lobby, one is immersed in a hotel that has been providing a standard of service since 1897 that I have never experienced in Germany until now. This elegant hotel is located right on Hamburg’s Binnenalster lake in the heart of the Hanseatic city and is one of the most beautiful and best places to stay in Hamburg. And even if you don’t stay there, you should definitely plan a visit for teatime and a cupcake.

Read all about Frances experienced in the city in her blogpost.

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