Kiddo Kat – a playful kid in your face

© Nicolai Constantinescu

A glowing musician in Hamburg – I reckon most of you have watched these two fantastic ladies- Kiddo Kat and Heidi Joubert- playing stunningly on the subways of Frankfurt, accompanied by a random passanger, who later turned out to be Maltese musician Ozzy Lino. Being filmed as they were performing their songs above the ordinary, they became world famous and went viral on the internet, reaching over 50 million clicks in the first week. You can watch their exceptional video clip here!

However, the success story of  Kiddo Kat and her passion for music starts long before this starry underground performance.  Born in Berlin in 1990, Anna Guder is a promising young singer and composer.  Having moved to Hamburg 3 years ago to attend the Hamburger Popkurs, she threw many successful concerts all over Germany and Europe.

Here is her life story  with her own words from her website:  “Once upon a time, a sweet three-year-old blonde girl sat in front of her father’s record player for hours on end, with her ears firmly pressed up against the loudspeakers. Her alarmed parents consulted a doctor, worried that their little daughter might be hearing-impaired. To their relief, the doctor told them their child’s hearing was even especially good and she was simply a dedicated fan of music. 20 years later, a dazzling blonde lady is standing between speaker towers, with a cherry-red Gibson Flying V guitar slung around her neck like Jimi Hendrix or Lenny Kravitz, but sounding damn funky and “grooving like Nile Rodgers (Daft Punk)” [quote from Frank Peterson]. With her mischievous grin and her natural cool, you can see she never planned doing anything else in her life than this.”

Kiddo Kat’s EP “Why am I so funky?”, the outcome of her and her friends intense musical phase, was released in February 2016, just a week before becoming viral on the internet with their underground performance. With her own explanation, Kiddo Kat combines both, the playful kid with her unstoppable good mood and overwhelming energy, and the in-your-face, grown up, grooving cool cat. Each song sparkles like a disco ball, bringing back funk music and the vibes of James Brown to Janelle Monae, the kind of music that has always made audiences jump out of their seats and dash to the dance floor.

So, you are all wondering how you can listen to this brilliant musician! No worries!

Her next concert in Hamburg is on the 16.07.2016 at 19:00 at Altonale Hamburg located Platz der  Republik.

For more information, please check her own website from

Text: © Ebru Durupinar
Photo: © Nicolai Constantinescu

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