Liman Fish Restaurant – Seafood Bar in Winterhude


Hamburg is the second busiest port in Europe so one can imagine the abundance of seafood restaurants vying for this market. Liman has done this effortlessly and more importantly, with authenticity. The secret, the owner says, is in the fresh fish, the consistency of the menu, and the warm service. With over 300 reviews on Tripadvisor, numerous accolades, and a favorite of the Hamburg elite, Liman has become the go to seafood restaurant in the city.

With a 65-seat occupancy, plus outdoor seating in warmer weathers and the bar, Liman is cozy and bustling in the popular Winterhude district. There is never an empty table, regardless of the time of day. You are greeted with smiles and a gracious hospitality. The customer service is immaculate and unlike other restaurants, you don’t have to flag anyone down to get an order, they come to you intuitively and efficiently.

The main dishes consists of delicacies such as fresh oysters, prawns, grilled tuna to staples such as sea bass and salmon which are all served with a side of fried potatoes and salad.  There are also starters such as grilled squid and scallop, pasta, desserts, and a full bar. Liman believes that high quality food can also be affordable and offers lunch specials Mondays through Fridays.

Locals and tourists alike find their way to Liman and keep going back.

As one traveler said “I came here one year ago and ordered the same dish and it tastes exactly the same today!”. It is not the sort of restaurant where the same dish tastes different day to day or hour to hour. You can depend on the quality of taste to be there, even if it has taken you one year to return.

The definition of Liman means harbor, and like a harbor all walks of life come to enjoy what the sea has to offer; refreshing atmosphere, fresh fish, and the space to enjoy these two.


Liman Fisch Restaurant
Mühlenkamp 16
D-22303 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 370 856 53

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