ReBoot22 Recap – So many stories and experiences exchanged and also re-experienced in Hamburg

Four days and five nights in which Hamburg played host. Host to the international travel conference Traverse. This year they launched a brand new concept and theme focusing on wellness, mindfulness and creativity. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Over the course of four days, Reboot focused on four key pillars of wellness; Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. The attendees had the chance to reconnect with what they love doing amongst a community of likeminded creators, like learning new skills to help with content, confidence and organisation.

With the help of MINDFULNESS & WELLNESS SESSIONS we’ve done Meditation and yoga in the mornings, confidence workshops in the afternoons and connecting with nature. The Workshops had take place in a range of settings in the city of Hamburg. Practical classes teaching content creation around the city. We had the possibility to be at The Fontenay Hotel doing a Yoga Session, connect the view of Elbphilharmonie with a Harbour Walking Tour, do a Roller Skate Jam at Kent Club, learn Productivity & Mindfulness with Eulanda at MK&G – Studio Drift Exibition, listen to Hempel’s Beatles-St.Pauli-Tour and be a band at Resonanzraum with Musicworks. Unique locations, great workshops and very good energy and the leisure to learn something about yourself and your own interaction. All in relation to a sustainable travel behavior and a healthy body and mind.

The weekend was based out of an amazing event venue where we’ll spend time in classrooms and shared workspaces with round tables, campfire style chats, yoga workshops and more. Here, the knowledge was deepened and even more detailed on a healthy body and mind. The own productivity to meet the demands of the customer well and healthy. What does empathy actually mean and how can I use it?

The FINAL DAY EXPERIENCES of Reboot had involve all attendees joining different day trips to the wider Hamburg Metropolitan Region where we’ll spend time in small towns and connect with nature in forests, parks and at incredible scenic spots. The excursions took us to the Salt & Hanseatic City of Lüneburg, to the Hanseatic City of Stade, to the Duchy of Lauenburg and to Gut Karlshöhe. There everyone enjoyed the connection to nature, tried canoes, forest bathing, local specialties and more and sank into their soft Hamburg hotel beds in the evening.

The mood among the travel bloggers is unique – the whole year on the road it’s like meeting your family again. So many stories and experiences exchanged and also re-experienced in Hamburg. See you soon friends!

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