Hamburg Reeperbahn Festival September 2016

The Reeperbahn is Germany’s most notorious 24/7 party mile.  It is also home of Europe’s biggest club event: the 11th annual Reeperbahn Festival from September 21-24, 2016.  The festival takes place in more than 70 clubs and bars throughout St. Pauli with over 450 bands from all over the world.  Music lovers of indie, pop, [...]

Happy Birthday MS Dockville!

Dockville credit Hinrich Carstensen
Hamburg’s annual MS DOCKVILLE Festival for Music and Art is celebrating it’s tenth anniversary from 19-21 August 2016.  Located directly in front of the river Elbe in Wilhelmsburg,  the three day festival hosts an international line-up with 23 bands from the USA, Austrailia, Israel, and Europe.  This year’s program covers a large gamut popular styles [...]

Laundrette – cafe, laundromat and bar

copyright Laundrette Bar
Ottensen is a fast changing neighborhood of Altona. As gentrification quickly engulfs, establishments change with the tide while few keep true to their identity. With the loyalty of patrons, Laundrette is a haven among the fast monied shopping street of Ottenser Hauptstraße. Situated towards the end of the limelight, it stands as a cafe, laundromat, [...]